Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Experience Using SnagIt To Record A Video Tutorial

I wanted a quick way of creating a screen tutorial. I could have used Camtasia 8 but I hadn't reinstalled it on my new computer. I did update to version 11 of Snagit from TechSmith.  Snagit is available for both the Mac and Windows operating systems.

I want to take a moment to talk about the positives and a potential negative if you decide to record using the video capture feature of the program.

There has been a video capture in Snagit before, let say it was functional and leave it at that.

In the new version, the video capture feature you have the ability to select a window, a region or the All in One where you can select the specific region of the screen before you record. This can be handy if you are recording multiple sections of the screen and want to pick and choose the area as you record a series of takes.

The video records in mp4 format. The video playback on my screen was very good. For quick screen records or showing examples of a computer problem this is a great value at about $40.

Let me stress that my understanding of the enhanced video feature is that you record and upload to a video distribution service or a device that reads mp4 videos.

So What Is the Catch?

Well, yeah. There is one. What if you make a mistake and redo that section again. You want to edit the video. Or add a quick title.

Ten hours later, this is what I know from first hand experience:

Popped the video in Serif MovieStudio X6 .  There was a shift in the audio. It was moving ahead of the video Not good and nothing I could do with it.

I ran it though QuickTime Pro. Worked like a charm. I can cut and trim the video but can't add titles.

Tried Sony Vegas MovieStudio HD 11. It would not play the video. It represented the video as an audio file but wouldn't play that either.

Windows Live Movie Maker. It was able to play the video without problems.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 was able to play the video without problems.

Depending on your video editing software you may or may not have a issue with Snagit video.
I checked the web site. This might be a Windows 7 issue. Or not.

Again, my understanding is that video recorded with Snagit is for quick and easy screen video.  And it was, truly fast. There are some minor quirks like you have to open Snagit, then switch to your record area up and then hit the PrintScreen key on to bring up the Snagit record button.

Minor, but a quirk.

Later that day I installed my copy of Camtasia 8. I brought the Snagit video in and was able to zoom into a specific area of the video, add titles and snipped out the problems. I had what I wanted in 27 minutes tops.

I am not saying buy Snagit instead of Camtasia 8. These different software programs.

Camtasia is for folks that need to create tutorials, educational products, sales demos and that type of media creation.

Snagit is a photo screen capture program that now has a good video recording feature.

I am saying that before you do a plan a project using Snagit video test out your video editing software first.

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  1. I recorded the snagit video but when I played the video, it was playing the mirror image of the screen. Please let me know hoe do I fix it.

    1. Well, there is a lot of information I don't have like what you used to view the video, if you are working inside of an editing program and which one and stuff like that.

      The folks at TechSmith are very helpful. You can send them a tweet @snagit or by email they will get back to you. I think they have a Facebook page as well.

      If you have access to QuickTime Pro you can reverse it; however that is $30. I would check to see if you have a similar feature in your video editing program.


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