Tuesday, December 18, 2012

SoundGator - When You Need A Whoosh

A sound effect can add a little extra spice or exclamation point to a video. Used carefully, it can be just the right accent to a story. SoundGator is a collection of sounds effects that you can use for your production.

SoundGator Sound Effects

You can browse a category or type in the name of the sound you want.  You can audition the sound and then if it is a match then it is yours to download.

Yes, it does say free sound effects. Well, once you register with an e-mail address. I took a quick look at the User License; you are free to use the sound effect in a video, multimedia or other types of productions.

Which seems really generous. I then looked at the Terms of Service. You should always look at the Terms of Service.

  • You agree to provide accurate contact information.
  • You agree to behave yourself when using the site.
  • If something goes wrong because you used their site you can't hold them legally accountable.
  • No promise of continued service or commitment.
  • This is confusing; there are worldwide users however if you have a serious beef then you will be governed by the laws of the state. Which state? Which country? And what has the United Nations got to do with this?
 The only means of contact is via an e-mail address.

Hmm. On the surface this seems okay. If there is a sound that really works for you I guess you could dig out a registration only e-mail address and give it a go. My guess is that you probably will receive offers to purchase other types of sounds or items.

Free is not free. You will have to decide if this is a fair trade-off or not.

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