Sunday, February 24, 2013

When You Just Need a Video Trimmed

A touch up, a snip, snip or a cut and dash. You don't want titles, you don't want to add music you just need to cut the bad part out so that the good part can stand on its own.

There are video trimmers and editors that act like trimmers. Some programs have features than expected but they do not fall into non-linear editing software type programs.

I've mentioned some of these before but I haven't put them in a list format.

Be very careful about where you download software; I'll link to the actual vendor web site. Major Geeks is a known safe place. There are not a lot of safe repositories anymore so don't click just any old link in a search engine.

You have to be the first line of defense. Don't gum up your system with malware.

Avidemux Free

Avidemus Screen Shot

Avidemux has versions for Linux, Mac and Windows OS. It accepts AVI, traditional QuickTime MOV, MP4 (but not necessarily all variation of MP4) 3GP, MPEG and H.263+ but not necessarily H.264. You might need to install codecs on your system.

You do have the option to add filters to expand the program's capabilities. This software isn't hard to use but it is geared more for the techies. There is a wiki and a forum support community.

MPEG Stremclip Export Screen

MPEG Streamclip for Mac and Windows OS. Free

This has an easier learning curve than Avidemux. It works with a wide range of video formats except AVCHD or .wmv type videos You set your in and out points, choose your frame size and you can have a clean trim in no time.

You will have to have QuickTime Player installed on your system but that is a free download as well from Apple.

And now for something a little different. This is a 2010 tutorial video on Virtual Dub by World Traveler Man. This will give you some context about my statements below about this software.

VirtualDub Free Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, Server, or newer OS

Read carefully, this is a linear editing program. It can trim video. It can do a lot of wonderful things. But the one thing it will not do is hold your hand. Not to say that there isn't documentation for the program.

There is. I'm saying that if you are coming from a Windows Movie Maker/iMovie entry level experience you will have issues learning this software.You might have to install a codec package. You might need to understand video concepts before you can use it.

Like Avidemux, you can add filters and gizmos to it. This program was created before the commercial release of consumer non-linear editors.

If you are tech inclined and have an old operating system like Windows XP this could just what you need. Do not expect that it will be able to handle AVC or AVCHD or even MP4 type videos without a filter or program update.

Who is it for? If you have standard definition video this could work. If you want to have more control of what you can do with video but you don't want a system resource hog this could be your software.

So these are the reliable, stable no monkey business type trimmers and editors that you can use; provided you understand the limitations and benifits of each program.

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