Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Working Through A Project - Animation Test

I have been trying to make a simple PSA for a project. I'm not a graphic designer or an After Effect guru. I don't even have or afford After Effects.

The thing is, with all the push about making higher quality videos and have eye catching bells and whatsits you get kinda caught up in how to do it as opposed to why are you doing it.

For five weeks I've tried a lot of things. They flopped. I can tell you why.

  1. False expectations, You can make a video in an hour. You can't necessarily make a good one without planning.
  2. Time, we have 24 hours in a day. If you want to do this you have to give up something in order for this to happen. There is only so much sleep that I can give up.
  3. You can get so caught up on "I gotta do it." that you forget why you are doing it. Like any kind of storytelling you have to support your story.

So this is what I have so far. I have to make the other part but sharing process can help jigger other ideas into play.

How Did I Do This?

I was thinking about software that could help me make an simple motion graphic type of video. I looked at a bunch of animation software, way too expensive or complicated.

I looked at old text flash animation programs; that might have worked but I wasn't sure they would work on my 64bit operating system.

Finally I visualized what kind of motion I wanted. I remembered a web based tag cloud called Wordle. I tried that but I couldn't use it because I have Java turned off - there is a security issue with Java (not Java Script).

I tried other tag cloud services but the winner and champion (for my purposes) was Tagxedo.  Tagxedo would let me chose shapes and colors.  A neat thing about Tagxedo is that the tags can have certain shapes and the words pop out.

Next, for screen recording I tried both SnagIt video record and Camtasia. In this case, the SnagIt video was the way to go on account I could not remember how to turn of the cursor in Camtasia.

Yes,  This is a video using the mouse pointer to animate the tag cloud words.

Simple is good. Simple is affordable.

It is okay to peculate.

It is equally important to allow yourself to play. No matter how old you think you are.

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