Friday, March 15, 2013

Pixlr for Creating Simple Channel Art Part 3c

Almost finished with this series of looking at simple resources for creating a YouTube Channel Art image that can function across all devices.

Pixlr from Autodesk gives you multiple levels of photo editing goodness, depending on your skill level and your creativity

And for those on the mobile platform it is equally accessible to you are well. The entry level and express modes may be all you need.

I dipped into Pixlr Express and selected Collage:

You can find the grid patter you like, add photos, re-size and bada bing you got something going on that looks kinda okay for something I conjured up in 10 minutes:

Anyway, you get the drift, you can use existing photos or extract images from your videos put them together in a format that best represents your channel page.

If you want to go deeper you can use the advanced mode similar to most photo editing applications. If you want to make a collage but you need more assistance I'd look at the one at PhotoCat, you do the same things but there is a bit more structure and assistance.

One more post to summarize and then back to video.

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