Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pivothead Kudu Initial Impressions

Howdy. Having some technical difficulties as well as bandwidth issues. Not resolved but making progress. Anytime it takes 222 minutes to upload a 87MB file there is a problem. For the record; the video crashed just before final acceptance. So no video.
On to more important matters. I was tempted by an ad for a pair of Pivothead Kudu video glasses, eyeware what ever you want to call them. The $199.99 price was right and I went for it.

Quick Specs

  • 1080p video with options to downshift to 720p at 60fps or 720p at 30fps
  • 8GB internal storage for about an hour of video
  • Field of view is 75 degrees so no fisheye effect; to some that is a deal breaker but not for me.
  • Can take stills at 8MB, 5MB and 3MB
The photo shows light lens but mine are dark and that can be an issue if you want to record inside. Questions will be asked like "do you have an eye problem?" I believe I can swap out the lens for clear glass but I'll need to hip hop back to the website to make sure my model can do that.

Recording is easy. Very simple to operate. Walking while recording is challenging. In my first attempts I learned that I move my head a lot. I finally got some decent video to show and then crash, boom, no ability to upload.

Oops, gotta go.

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