Friday, August 7, 2009

Flash Kit Loops - For When A Lit Bit is Just Enough

If you don't need a full song or your just trying to set the mood with a bit of music then you should take a look at Flash Kit - Loops. This site has been around forever and a day and it is packed with all kinds of musical loops.

Flashkit Music LoopsLooking for Goth, Metal, R&B, World Beat or the End of Life as We Know It? They got it or have something that sounds like it. You can preview the track, find out the length, sample rate and the guideline of the creator of the loop.

There are three levels as I understand them:
  • Freeware, use as you see fit but hey, give some link love to the creator of the loop.
  • Linkware, you have to provide a link and/or attribution to the creator of the loop.
  • Shareware, this is a purchase or conditional use. Find out exactly what you need to do before using the loop.
Flash Kit has SoundFX as well. So if you need a music bump or transition this is one of the web grand daddies of musical loops.

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