Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jawbone.TV - Watching The Next Wave of Storytelling

Update: Jawbone.TV has re-incarnated into a new site with new staff. I'll do an update in a new post but this is a historical look at what the site looked like was when I visited.

There has been corporate storytelling for years. Advertising, copy writing and promotion all use elements of storytelling to get our attention and motivate consumers to action.

Sometimes it is done extremely poorly, think of any recent PETA advertisements, or sometimes it is so well done it become a part of the cultural memory. main page is a portal for creative storytelling. The site looks at how stories are made, the tools used and the methods of how consumers are taking in those stories. Distribution now includes web video, mobile video content, comics, gaming and advertorials wrapped in various media.

There are features on artists like Fredo Viola, a look at David Lynch's Interview Project and 360 degrees of YellowBird's interactive recording techniques. is visually rich. Since their debut in June 2009 they have been working steady to demonstrate the intersections of various media and the connections to various related communities.

Hmm. Must be something in the air. ;-) Anyway slide on over and spend some quality time.

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