Friday, August 28, 2009

Screenr - Online Screencasting Application

Screencasting is a great way to show folks how to solve a computer problem, a resource or a product demonstration. There are a lot of screencasting tools and Screenr is one that I learned about from the Rapid eLearning Blog

Screenr Intro Page

The company behind Screenr is Articulate. They make e-learning products. I have been spending quality time at the Rapid eLearning Blog so that is how I found out about Screenr.

Basically is is an online application that allows you to record computer screen activity and save it as a Flash video. It is similar in concept to TechSmith's Jing.

The Twitter part is a wee bit deceptive. You do need a Twitter account to use Screenr. You record your video and upload to the Screenr site using your Twitter log-in as your identification. Screenr will also provide an embed code or a Tweet link to your video.

So no, you cannot view videos on the Twitter main page. This is a very good thing. Nobody should want to open that Pandora's box of possibilities. (Update 6/15/2012 - The box has been opened. You can display videos in your Twitter posts.You will have to check to see if you can add Screenr videos.)

You can share the video on your blog or other places on the Internet. I like the concept and when I get a chance I will dive in and explore.

Personal Bias Alert 

I have to say I don't like giving out one company's log-in information to another. That is a personal privacy issue that I have with many newer products and services. I've seen bogus log-in screen that I knew led some folks into trouble. Can you spell data mining?

I wish there was an alternate way to log-in.

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