Monday, August 17, 2009

YouTube Reporter Center - Tutorials on Citizen Journalism

The YouTube Reporter Center is a collection of videos from traditional and independent media sources on how to find, report and share the story.

You can view reporter Scott Simon from NPR explain how to present the story, Tavis Smiley on interviewing and PolitiFact's guide to fact checking.

Special shout out to the Reuters video and placing their Handbook of Journalism online. This is good stuff!

In the Handbook you can find:
  • Journalistic values of Reuters journalists - yes, transparency!
  • A style guide on how to use words, terminology and usage.
  • If you really want to dive into video journalism you can find out exactly what Reuters does and does not do in their video guidelines.
Even if you are not a journalist the Reuters style guide can help to minimize those typographical pain in the behind errors we make from time to time.

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