Sunday, September 13, 2009

FluxRostrum - Mobile Reporting Powered by Vegetable Oil

There is a wide range of people using web video to document their experiences or to conduct actual reporting that local papers and news media will not do. FluxRostrum is one of those people who could be placed under the increasingly risky banner of citizen journalism.

He travels in a vegetable oil fueled school bus and travels the country recording stories for alternative news operations.

Flux was reporting a news event in West Virginia with a press pass. The police took his equipment and video. This is video of the event recorded by another videographer.

Flux was arrested and detained. He did get his equipment back but not the footage he recorded of the event. You can read more about that experience at his site Mobile Broadcast News.

This isn't the first time Flux has had involuntary contact with the police and it won't be the last.

Got one more example of what isn't being shown on local television. Flux recorded a progress report on an alternative school in New Orleans that is growing food and, by extension, learning sustainability skills.

You can catch up with the actions of Mobile Broadcast News, visit or monitor his tweets at

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