Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pine Plains Views - Documenting A Changing Community

There is something to be said about knowing where you stand. In life, in your work and in the place where you live. If you stand long enough you see changes. Sometimes slow and sometimes dramatic.

Stan at Pine Plains Views is recording the change from being a small town farming community to one where former city people who are moving into the area are altering the nature of the town.

There is good work here. Hell, most of the stuff is great. I loved the videos on the how the mason started working with stone, how Verne the stone cutter does his job and carries on skills that were used in the past and the restoration of an old farm house.

Perhaps the city slickers should be made to watch a few episodes so that they know understand the community they have relocated into. For me it is enough that I get to appreciate the people and the land that are there; for the time being.

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