Tuesday, December 29, 2009

BBC's Digital Revolution - Howard Rheingold

The other day I was crabbing about not being able to see BBC content. I wanted to see the four part documentary about their take on digital media. I am about to show you that the BBC is way cool. This is a raw video interview with Howard Rheingold:

For those viewing at your place of employment and on video lock down there is a transcript at the web site.

They have raw interviews and elements of the documentary on their web site. The Beeb is inviting commentary and suggestions and seem to gronk the social part of media a lot better than the American side of the fence with the exception of NPR.

The videos can be used for non-commercial use; this works as this is a non-commercial blog. You can download them and re-create under a Share-Alike license and you promise to not be disgusting or find a way to make a buck with the content.

For those that need to get up to speed on Howard Rheingold this is his Wikipedia page. He also has a video blog

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