Thursday, December 3, 2009

MaYoMo - Citizen Journalism by Request

What if you lived in Denmark and had a question about an event that is happening in Los Angeles? Could someone in the area get the story and relay it back to you? That is the premise of a citizen journalism site called MaYoMo.

The is a promotional video:

From the website:
MaYoMo enables its users to ask for news and information from any corner of the world. Whenever you have a question about some event that you've just heard of or read about e.g., you can easily place a request in a country from MaYoMo's world map and ask what happened, when or where.
I visited the site and you can see CJ items in a world layout or you can select a category or country. You can upload videos to the website but they will have the MaYoMo logo on top of the videos.

It is an interesting concept. I think they need a few more participants but what they have is potential.

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