Monday, January 18, 2010

Creative Use of Photos in Videos - Please Don't Eat the Sushi

I feel for this dude but Adam has got some wicked funny letters from his mother. Just reading the letters at Please Don't Eat the Sushi, Love Mom is a hoot. This is an introduction video that sets the tone for folks with overly concerned mothers who frequently write detailed letters of concern.

I found this video on VidLit. Pick your name, audio slide shows, photo animations or my preference, storytelling with photos, no matter what you call it it does not have to be crappy. It is a genre that can teach you a lot about composition and respect for audio.

There are many ways to animate still photos. For Mac users FotoMagico seems to be the way to go if you don't want to use iPhoto & iMovie combination. You can check out examples from their video gallery.

For Windows users I mention before inexpensive software like Soundslides which is used by journalists and SwishMax3 for inexpensive flash animation.

There are other options such as ProShow Gold and Microsoft Photo Stoy3 for home and casual users. ProShow Presenter 4 looks tasty for professional photographic to video presentations.

Shucks. I think I'm gonna have to create a new category for this type of video creation.

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