Sunday, March 28, 2010

Idea No. 2 Record Riding Public Transportation VBW2010

Now this is a radical idea for those of us living in California. There are places where there is no mass transit. People that have public transportation use it because they don't have another mobility option or are deeply and profoundly committed to repairing the environment.

Or they are flat busted broke.

A possible idea for Videoblogging Week 2010 is to record your experience with public transportation or your hopes on one day having it.

This is an example of a video opportunity could presents itself. All you have to do is press the button. This is a video from Videorising about a Metro articulated bus driver having a bad day on Sunset Blvd. Nothing fancy, just an observation on what bus drivers face from their vehicles and far worse, Los Angeles drivers.

For Videoblogging Week 2010 Idea No. 2 is to record riding some form of public transportation. Let the rest of us see what moving from one place to another looks like in your neck of the woods.

Be respectful; don't aim your camcorder in faces without permission. Those of you in New York and the UK have special challenges. Be discreet and use the utmost care around law enforcement personnel.

For those of you in Los Angeles, the Sheriff Department does periodic checks on the Metro Red, Blue and Gold lines. Especially the Blue line due to the entrepreneurial and colorful nature of some of the Metro Blue line passengers.

Use common sense. Don't block the door if you see the Sheriffs coming in one door and the bum rush is running out the other.

Be aware of your surroundings. Practice safe vlogging.

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