Friday, March 19, 2010

SXSW - Pop 17's Sara Austin's Interview with Cali Lewis from Geek BriefTV

Just discovered the Pop17 site and Sara Austin. Sara is documenting the people behind the screen that use the Internet to communicate.

Sara caught up with Cali Lewis of Geek BriefTV for a chat. Cali talks about how she got started and what she is lusting for in her gadget bag. There is a Droid in her future and an Apple tablet on back order.

Long past them meeting up at SXSW here are some things you should consider thinking about:
  • How are the ladies monetizing and supporting their work? 
  • How do they do what they do in terms of producing their programs? 
  • What do Sara and Cali do to market and extend their initial starting point of creating a video series to having financial sponsorship/support?

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