Tuesday, March 9, 2010

YouTube Translate - Auto Subtitle Beta?

I do find a lot of video and videoblogs. Many of those blogs are in Italian, French, Spanish and other languages. Oh the frustration of having to pass it by because I don't understand the language.

It seems Google is working on tearing down the tower of Babel again.

Google is testing out new automated captioning/subtitle features.
YouTube uses experimental speech recognition technology to provide machine generated captions, or "auto-captions." Although they're not perfect, auto-captions help make video content accessible to deaf and hearing-impaired users.
To which I reply, Yeah!

It is not just for deaf and hearing-impaired folks. Those folks who work in libraries that, for good reason or budget, don't have speakers on the computer, folks like me who do want to view content from non-English speakers and the other way around.

This would be very cool indeed. I'll dive into this later and see if there are other citations for what they are up to.

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