Sunday, May 23, 2010

Philips GoGear Cam MP3 Player Video

I can explain. See, I was walking around Target. It happens that I was oogling the Kodak Zi8 again. $179 and it could be mine.

I can't lie, I miss high-def video. I loved that I could take good quality photos with my gone and lamented Kodak Zi6. The thing is I just bought a really good standard definition camcorder.

My own house rules dictate that I am not allowed to purchase another camcorder for 9 months or so. Which I have violated twice this year on crappy under $100 camcorders. It was for the blog true, but I don't need another camcorder.

I'm walking away from the Kodak Zi8 trying to justify buying it. I turn the corner and see this mp3 player with video camera. I try to check it out but it is locked. Hmm, anti-thief device.

I walk around the store and find inexpensive 4GB SD cards. I pick one up. I sigh. I know what I am about to do. I look at the Kodak and buy the Philips GoGear.

This is a test of the GoGear's video quality. It ain't that bad. It isn't great but I don't need great. I need something that I can use without worrying that I'm going to bang it to death in my purse. I got a padded sock for this rascal.

Philips GoGear MP3 Player with Camera

The specs are basic:
  • Video format is the Mpeg 4 in a .avi container. This means I don't have to convert. I can pop it into 97.3% of video editing program without a problem.
  • Microphone for mono recording. That is with video or without if I want to dictate notes to myself.
  • Recording time is about two hours or when the battery dies. The good news is that it is not a proprietary power cord like the Zune or the Sansa Fuze. I have a plug that can recharge USB so I'm good to go anyplace any time.
  • Can shoot still images.
So yeah. I'm good. As a friend put it I might have a shoe problem only with cameras and camcorders.

I can live with it.

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