Monday, June 28, 2010

Video on Wikipedia Project

The coming of HTML 5 is going to change how people are going to view videos transmitted over the Internet. Instead of depending on an application like Flash or QuickTime to display a video it would be built into the browser.

The users would not have to remember to update the software; instead the browser would move more toward being the container for the video. One of the places that could use a little video love is Wikipedia. There is a desire to record and augment citations with video.

The How to Post Video Project gives information about just how to do the recording portion.

The WikiProject: Lights Camera Wiki talks specifically about the requirements needed to compose the video entry.

This is about documentation, not commentary. There is a structure that you would have to follow in order to meet the evolving citation standards.

The project is a part of the Open Video Alliance which seeks to allow users to create, use and distribute open source media.

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