Thursday, July 1, 2010

If You Can't Make VidCon 2010 Try NonCon 2010 in Los Angeles

In all things there is a balance. Let's say you want to go to VidCon 2010 in Los Angeles but you just can't swing the admission fee or have a fear of enclosed spaces filled with Flips and Nanos.

Not to worry. This is your answer:

SamProof has a open Facebook page with more info and location information. He isn't anti-VidCon.

According to his mission statement:
NonCon's goal is to provide people with fun and inexpensive things to do while gathering in Loa Angeles.

We're not Anti - VidCon - we just want to make events for people who can't afford to spend $120 for 3 days (+hotel fees)
That is how he typed it. I don't edit other people's quotes. My philosophy is when in Rome do both. Works in Los Angeles too. There is a lot to discover in the city this big so this can be a lot of fun if folks get into the spirit of it.

You can follow SamProof on his Twitter page as well.

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