Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ryan Koo and the No School DSLR Cinematography Guide

Ryan Koo is at the helm of the No Film School site for transitioning filmmakers, creatives and other folks working in the various modes of telling visual stories.

No School
There is a section on the site that provides a guide on DSLR video capture, processing and rendering those types of videos. The guide is directed to people who understand the basics of photography or creating videos.

And no, you are not going to shoot the modern day equivalent of Casablanca on it. But you might supplement your still photography with a brief video interview. You might record a video and want to use still photography for enhanced details of your subject matter.

These cameras give photographers and visual storytellers options. These options may require you to understand about sensors, frame rates, codes, conversions and finding new forms of meditation as things go wrong.

That is part of the fun. Unless you are on deadline. In which case read the guide now instead of suffering later.

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