Monday, August 23, 2010

Quick Look At Video Tips & Resources

I could use another five hours a day to keep up with the Uber-Resource blogs and web sites. I feel like I am on a treadmill just trying to stay in the loop but the loop keeps expanding.

Ah well, can't have too much info as far as I am concerned. The following are fairly easy to understand posts, tutorials and articles about web video.

At there are dozens of tutorials about social media, web design and creativity. For video you might want to check out:

How To Shoot Your Own Promotional Marketing Video From Start To Finish by Bakari Chavanu.

This isn't about creating those cheezy tricked-up PowerPoint mess I see from time to time. For one thing, an actual camcorder is required.

Another winner is 10 Simple Tips To Make Home Videos Look Professional.

Over at Lifehacker I missed out on this post about a free audio editor that can strip audio from YouTube and other video sources.

Not saying I would use such a thing, unless it was a song that I hadn't heard in umpteen years and they don't play it on the radio. Maybe. Maybe not.

At Lifehacker's sister site Gizmodo it is about the hardware, i.e. camcorders. It can get contentious in the comments. These are passionate folks who barely have a internal filter button but there is much goodness to be found.

I didn't know that there was a new form factor for the Sanyo Xacti that shoots 1080i high def video at 30 frames per second.

Tasty looking it is. Dual mics eh?

Also at Gizmodo keep an eye on the Gadget Deals of the Day. If you have to scratch that techno buying inch try to bring yourself down at Rick Broida's Cheapskate posts over on CNet.

By the time you read about your heart's desire the deal will be over. But you will save money because you didn't have the opportunity to buy anything.

Relax, relate, release.

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