Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quick Look at Videoblogs and Web Video on

Steve Garfield, a long time videoblogger and author of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets, is moving his Ning community over to Facebook. Ning is closing down all of the formerly free community pages so many folks are re-camping to new locations.

Which got me to thinking. One of my challenges is to continue to discover new work and participants but sometimes it is not as easy as I need it to be. Are there active videobloggers or good examples of using video posted on the open sections of Facebook?

Another hurdle is trying not to type the F-word. I couldn't find a internal search function so I used a search engine instead to peep inside. is a videoblog by Thomas Arie Setiawan and Teguh Dwi Harton. The purpose of the vlog is to document and record life in Indonesia. It is a relatively new blog but the fellas seem to be doing the right things. I don't speak the language but I'm glad to know more documentary and local content is being produced around the world. Check out their site or the Dadio page.

Les Stroud technically isn't a videoblogger but he is a survival/fitness video one man band. He uses his page The Real Les Stroud as a way to stay in contact with his fans and to pipe them over to his main site.

Drew Parker is a musician who also uses his page as a promotional and informational contact with fans and those that stumble in. Good use of video that is actually embedded in the page to give folks an opportunity to see him perform. You can also visit Drew's main site if you want to purchase his music.

Ok, this was just a quickie. There are thousands more for me to check out. My additional challenge is that I don't speak near enough languages.

I'll do what I can and that is half the fun.

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