Sunday, October 31, 2010

Google Demo Slam - Competitive Demo Videos?

Google's Demo Slam is simple to understand. If you make a cool, creative and clearly informative tech demonstration video you can submit it to Demo Slam. It will be placed along side a similar type of video and the teaming masses will decide which one is boss on the sauce.

It must be something innate in the human system to want to compete and declare the best. I'm not sure that having a demo slam is the way to go but this wouldn't be the first time I was out of the loop.

Demo Slam at Google
There are some stinkers demo videos that make you want to cringe. It is not a bad idea to view demo videos in order to pick up examples of what to do or not to do. I watch a lot of tech demo videos. I have stories I could show and tell of hideous sound or grainy videos.

Mercy, the number of teenagers creating demo videos is amazing. They are using the format to teach each other skills. True, some of the stuff they are teaching isn't "acceptable" but they are learning how to do it and that has to be encouraged.

On the dark side, the number of people that use the word "whatever" when they make a mistake or render an opinion is equally amazing, but not in a good way.

Dudes and Dudetts, it is ok to zoom in on the thing that you are demonstrating. You don't have to record everything in one shot. Edit, just a little bit.

Yes tech videos could be better.

I think the competitive aspect of it really irks me. I am pre-shuddering at the type of YouTube comments that could be generated. A minor correction turns into a verbal beat down.

Maybe that is what bothers me the most. I don't want someone trying out to get hurt by crusted up trolls. I'll be watching but I hope somebody will be monitoring the comments to keep the flaming down to a brush fire.

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