Sunday, November 14, 2010

National Videoblogging Posting Month aka Vlomo10 - The Week In Review

Like all marathon events National Videoblogging Podcasting Month aka Vlomo10 the pace is a steady flow of videos. I don't get a chance during the week so check folks out so this my opportunity to point you to the action so far.

It would make more sense to do this on the 15th but that ain't gonna happen.

Speaking Their Mind

  • Documentally with a most excellent Sunday Sprout on the mainstream media's misunderstanding of Twitter and social communications.
  • Richard Macney has a master page where you can check out his Vlomo posts. (Wish I thought of that.)
  • Richard Arblaster with a unintentional message to pharmaceutical manufacturers. You have nothing to worry about.
  • Benny Crime - The future, sports almanacs, the cat. I love this guy but he goes more places in 1 minute than I can keep up with.

Looking At Their Environments

A number of vloggers are recording their local areas, events or conceptual places.

Doing Stuff

I'm watching and typing so I'll add on as the day progresses. VlogOn peeps!

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