Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Natual State of America - Trailer

There is so much good working being done by independent producers. The problem is getting that work seen to a larger audience. Web video can grease that wheel a bit by showing a trailer of what you film is about.

From the Vimeo page:

In the 1970's, a small group of residents in the Ozark Highlands of Arkansas organized and successfully halted the U.S. Forest Service’s planned aerial applications of herbicides. Now the group battles their rural electric cooperative to protect the region’s organic farms, wells, springs, and the Buffalo River, the first National River in the United States, from being contaminated by herbicides once again.

This is a trailer on a group of people trying to keep their area clean and pesticide free. Commercial interests like Carroll Electric have other ideas. Looking at the trailer on another level there are examples of skillful blending of still images, audio and video to help tell the story.

The big take away is that we do have the power to document and product our environment. This is one way to do it.

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