Monday, November 1, 2010

Vlomo Day 1 Video Recaps

I'm just going to try to do a quick link up with some of the participants. I can't do this every day but it is a good way to see what folks are up to.

It seems that the UK has taken the lead in uploading videos. The US is present and iPhone/iTouch device editing is on the upswing. Other countries are coming along and I got to ask the lyrical questions, where are the women folk?

We can't leave this to the guys. Even if you can only do one video this month please upload it and #vlomo10 on Twitter so that we have more ladies in the mix.

New Faces (To Me)
The Unpredictable
Moment Catchers
Mobile Video ( Nokia N8, iPhone, iTouch and the Unknown X Factor)
Off the Path and I Like It
Ok, gotta get to work on my Day 2 which will not be like Day 1.

I think. Gotta Go.

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