Sunday, December 26, 2010

Three Open Source and Free Video Converters

Right after the season to buy a camcorder comes the season of "I can't open this video on my computer or in my video editing program season." Those of you trying to work with H.264 MP4 videos I feel your pain.

I've been looking around and there are a lot of bogus, spammy and bait and switch video conversion programs.

You do have to be careful. I know folks just want a product to find the video and convert it without problems or hassles. Most folks want that same product to be free. Well it is possible but there will be time and effort no matter what program you select.

Here is the thing. I am willing to pay for quality and a good user interface; meaning I can see what I want to do and do it without reading the help menu. If I can't find a program I can afford then I will look at the free options.

Free to me does not mean:
  • The software allows x amount of conversions before I have to pay for it.
  • It does not mean I will look a nag screens every time I press a button.
  • Under no circumstances will I allow a program to install a toolbar I do not want in my browser.
  • And the converted software has to look as good as the original source, not worse.
There are three decent video conversion software products that won't wreck your system. I've used all three and these are my go to software for flipping the video formats.


Miro Video Converter

MPEG Streamclip

These software programs do not have nag screens, install hidden software or open the back door of your system to the nasties. All of them have version for Mac and PC users and Handbreak also works on Linux.

Now it might not be as smooth as a paid version software. It won't be that hard but the software won't hold your hand either. You will have to know where to find your video and how to place it on your hard drive or device.

If you can do that you are good to go. Meanwhile the search continues.

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