Sunday, December 12, 2010

What You Should Know About the Sharper Image U-Video Camera

Ah the holiday shopping season. I have had new dads almost run into me with strollers. The moms are in a glazed panic on what to give to crusty old Sadie as they are slinging bags of stuff through the mall.

Curses on me for being in the mall in the first place but I had to replace a broken appliance. JC Penny's is where I saw it in bubble wrap glory. A bunch of them piled up on top of each other like orphans in the storm. Word is out that Macy's has them too.

Sharper Image U Video Camera

Here is what you should know:

On the date when I went to the Sharper Image web site there is no mention whatsoever of this camcorder. Zip. Nada. If there is a problem or question you are on your own.

For those of you will long memories you remember that Sharper Image got itself into a bit of trouble by selling a product that did not do what it claimed to do among other mischief.

That company went into bankruptcy: Here is the skivvy:

The former Sharper Image (The Sharper Image Corporated - "TSIC") filed for bankruptcy in 2007. If you have a question regarding the former Sharper Image, including warranties, merchandise certificates, gift cards, replacement parts, Ionic Breeze, or other products, please visit, or call 1-877-312-7060.

Products Purchased From A Retail Store
If you purchased a product at a retail store, for questions or possible returns you have, please go back to the store that you purchased it at.

The Sharper Image web site you see is owned and controlled by another company. It is not the same one that introduced this version of the camcorder. In other words, if you bought this camcorder and it doesn't work you are jacked, screwed and otherwise relieved of $$.$$ cash money.

Now I'm not saying it will not work. Nope. Not at all.

I am saying that if there is a problem your choices are to figure it out or return it to the store. That is if you still have the packaging and the receipt and you are within the acceptable return period.

This is an outdoor test video from Scott Hooper aka LocalEdgeMTM:

As to the camcorder or as they describe it video camera:

  • Records in standard definition 640x480
  • 1GB Flash memory for about an hour of video, I think that is internal so there might not be a memory card. I did look at the package but there wasn't much info on it.
  • Uses 2 AA batteries, it is possible that it comes with an A/C adapter but I can't confirm it as yet.
If you are a Mac User be extra cautious, there maybe a problem getting to the video if it is dependent on Windows software. For another point of view you could review this Q&A at

If you really want this camera then has some of the devices for around $50.

I've seen prices range from $28 to $60. I can see risking $28 if you understand that it is a older memory locked and daylight only video camera. For that price I could see using this as a cheap skateboard or motorcycle cam; or for outdoor only videos.

Paying $60? Heck no! I'd look for a refurbished brand name camcorder before I'd give away that much money on this old school video camera. There must be a bunch of them in the back room of the warehouse because this camera was also sold last year at holiday time as well.

For those of you that have received or will receive these as a holiday gift, forgive them. That frugality gene kicks in and, well, they meant well.

Love them anyway and do the best you can.

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