Thursday, February 17, 2011

Design Ideas For A Public Service Ad

I've been peculating on the AFRO Archive idea. I know that text and photos are going to be dominant. I need visual inspiration and design ideas. I'm not a designer.

I do know that paying attention to a few design concepts can make a video better.

Sometimes you can get design ideas from looking at old advertisements. This is a promotional ad for the ABC Evening News from I'd guess the late 1960s. It just contains text, drawings, photos and limited animation with a frantic sound track.

Idea Generators

The Advertising Council knows a thing or two about creating public service announcements. You could not have watched television without seeing a PSA or two an hour. These ads were produced by the leading advertising companies of the day so they knew how to get to a person attention. You can view some of the most historic campaigns for inspiration.

I also want to touch base with resources life Before and After Magazine for ideas about color, placement and typography.

Definitely gonna check out the retro ads at Design/Destroy - there are some trippy ads from the past I never knew about.

Dynamic Graphics was a good magazine. Yes, past tense. However the web site is still up and there is a tutorial section on how to create certain text and print effects.

This should be enough to get me started.

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