Monday, February 28, 2011

Help Fund the Voces de Cambio Visual Storytelling Project

I know the power of photography can life a teenage person out of herself and introduce her to the world, both within and exterior. I was that teenager. Constructing your narrative can be very powerful but sometimes you need a little help.

The Voces de Cambio is an after school project for Guatemalan teenage girls. The project needs funds for camcorders and other stuff so that the young ladies can record documentaries about they life and the life of the neighborhood.

This is a video explaining the project:

From the web site:

Voces de Cambio was born out of the necessity to provide a safe space for Guatemalan girls to begin to imagine a new role for themselves in their homes, schools, and communities. Using writing and photography, Voces de Cambio encourages girls to construct a new “social narrative”, one in which they occupy an equal and authentic voice.

All you gotta go is swing on over to the Kickstart fund raising page and pony up $1 or more if you have it to spare. They need $7,500 and they only have 1/3 of the amount.

Time is ticking. If they don't raise the $7,500 they don't get anything.

Honestly, it really does make a difference.

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