Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oral History of Institutions - Black Churches

You don't have to be human to have a history. You might want to consider investigating the history of various schools, businesses or houses of faith in your community.

In this video Professor of Politics and Government Lorn Foster talks about his research on the history of eight black churches in the Los Angeles area. This is an academic approach but it could give you ideas on how to think about what you can do in your community or how to get folks to talk.

People may not want to talk about themselves but they may talk about the places and things that they hold dear.

Ideas that popped up for me:
  • Review old newspapers and magazines for historical perspective - yes, you might have to go to the library to look at the microfiche files.
  • Dig into the Internet Archive to find governmental videos that show examples of audio narrations
  • Find old telephone books and learn about phone exchanges and what they meant.
  • Do one of the above and then ask a senior to explain what you don't understand.
Everything and everybody has a story - you just need to find it.

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