Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The End of The Flip Camcorder Line

I just got home and found out about Cisco getting rid of The Flip. Wow. 550+ workers fired. Millions of users in permanent limbo. My best guess is that another company could buy the assets and move The Flip forward.

Smartphones can't do it all, the video quality and data rates can hurt you in wallet. Yes, you can save to the phone but the video quality on most of them just isn't where it needs to be. Not everybody has or can afford an iPhone4.

From around the web are some of the reports about the decision. From All Things D comes a conversation with the prior founder and CEO of The Flip:

Other folks that are commenting on this are The Unofficial Apple Weblog, Mashable's RIP on Flip and Sam Grobart's article in the New York Times.

Yet, there are those folks that don't see this as a bad thing. Cyspense has this take on the message:

The World According to John is a little more passionate about the demise, he is not that unhappy about it:

It is still a stunner of an announcement. Will keep on the look out about the transition plan.

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