Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Minor Side Trip and Finding Video Tutorials on iTunes

I can get lost looking for stuff. I consider that a good thing because I have stumbled into many a great site and resource. Or I can loose valuable time reading about the evaluation of old school bottom shelf liquor.

The really nasty stuff. Boone's Farm. Mad Dog 20/20. Not to forget that noxious low of the lows, Thunderbird and Bali Hi. Cringe inducing to think I even know about these alternate use rocket fuels. For the record, I may or may not has sip Boone's Farm and have a vague recollection of someone offering me Mad Dog 20/20 and like a fool I drank it.

Only the rot gut crew drank Thunderbird. Foul stuff even from a distance. I'm having a retro-headache flashback or something.

Reading the comments was a flash back to times barely remembered and parts of it remain forgotten. Much like trying to find good video creation tutorials on iTunes.

I'm finding podcasts that no longer show up when you hit play. Podcasts that were started and never finished. Podcasts that did what they had to do and knew when to flip the switch.

There are plenty of filmmaking, film production and film review audio and video podcasts. I got a few of them loaded up on the Nano. Not really what I am looking for in terms of creating videos and tutorials.

Caleb at DSLR Shooter
The other requirement is that there is an independent web site that has current and archived prior recordings for those folks that hold true to ABI - Anything but iPod/Pad or Apple related products. They, on principle, will not use iTunes. Or they do but have it connected to another media player.

Don't hate, these are sensitive, determined people. I don't agree with them but I understand the philosophy.

I've written about the DSLR Show - the fellas must be super busy because there hasn't been an update for a while.

There is a new to me podcast called DSLR Video Shooter. Has current episodes and an active web site. The site is run by Caleb Pike and this is a excerpt from his About page:
This website is dedicated to revealing resources and techniques to use HD DSLRs to there most potential. This site is NOT a DSLR fanboy blog. HD DSLRs are nothing more than a tool, a small piece that in and of itself is nothing.
Yes, that what I'm looking for, the story is more important than the tools used to get it. Not to say that I wouldn't mind a Canon EOS 7D or 5D. I don't need it. I can lust after it in my heart but at the end of the day I sleep with the one I am am with; metaphorically speaking.

Caleb does have some tasty goodies such as a gear guide and helpful tutorials. Which is a good thing cuz after two hours of looking that is what I was able to find.

I know there are more video specific podcast inside of iTunes but the Sandman is tugging on my cape. I'll give it another go when I get the chance.

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