Monday, April 18, 2011

Organizing Video Folders for Pack Rats

I stand before you today as a person who has been convinced of the power of organizing video, audio and photos on her computer. Yea, I have been guilty of having junk all over the joint, making it harder to find what I need when I needed it.

Folder Organization
The advantages may not be clear to my fellow pack rats so let me help you out:
  1. Theme music, public domain audio and narration can all be in one place and prepped for use. I don't have to waste time re-creating because it is ready to go.
  2. Likewise with the photos and screenshots. If I need to generate a screenshoot from a video I can export it from my video editing program, juice it up in Snagit Editor or Irfanview and then plunk it where I need it for upload.
  3. The Upload folder is for the final version of the video and photo that accompanies it.
  4. Video is for raw video from the camcorder or other sources. If I need to convert video that goes here too.
Later when it is time to get it off of the hard drive I transfer the folder to an archive drive for copying to a DVD and bang, I'm done. No lost files, no huge duplicates and my overstuffed main drive sighs in relief.

It is a start. Other might want to add sub-folders for their needs but I can say this is about as much organization as I can handle at the moment. Keeping it simple seems to work for me.

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