Friday, April 22, 2011

Shooting Tips For Videos Photo Stories

This weekend I have a choice of activities I could be recording. There is so much going on I can barely think. I want to do it better.

So I've been thinking about some of the skills from taking a photojournalism class a few years ago. The short answer is, no I don't. I have video up the ying yang that I'm not posting because I can't get a story out of it. I need help in how to tell the photo narrative. There is not just one way to do this. I just need a function way for me.

I did find at Wire and Light a series of tips attributed to Scott Anger.

1. Close up of the action
2. Close up of the reaction to the action or who is conducting the action.
3. Point of view shot by the person conducting the action.
4. Shot establishing where the action is taking place
5. A creative beauty shot that ties into the action.

These tips are for still photographers but I guess they could be adapted for all kinds of documentation video.

Wire and Light led me to a post at MediaStorm on Ten Ways To Improve Your Multimedia Production Right Now.

I also found a bunch of stuff at Digital Journalism's April 2009 archive on telling stories with video. One of the post, 10 Tips for Dramatically Improving Your Videojournalism Stories talks about the process that begins with finding the Narrative Arc.

Ok, this is a start. My goal this weekend is to make a finished work that tells a story. A simple one. This means I have to allow myself to take the time to see and not just hit record.

I'll let you know.

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