Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Good Reminder to Back-Up Your Posts

Ah, I feel better. The Blogger downtime maintenance took longer than any of us thought it would. This is an excellent reason to back-up your blog posts no matter which service you use. For some folks they have a main blog and a repeater one on another service just in-case.

If you generate money from your blog you definitely need a plan 2, 3 and 4 in-case of downtime.

Hey, stuff happens.

At the very least you should know how to:
  • Copy your blog template. This will be different depending on the blog service provider.
  • Have a back-up or duplicate copy of your posts. I use either Windows Live Write for some of my blog posts and others I start out as a Word document then convert to plain text before posting. But I am guilty of just typing in the post editor. Like I'm doing now.
  • Copies of your images.
  • If you have a web host for you videos you should have a not only your copy but a CD/DVD of your project work.
It is not hard but if you have been blogging/vlogging for more than two years you have got stuff. The kind of stuff that if it vanishes or is yanked for unfair reasons you would be hurt.


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