Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Hate Videoblogging Spam and Hucksters

I got an e-mail. I was told that I could maximize my earnings via video. This would be miracle for me in that I don't derive any earnings from my videos. None. Zip.

In fact, the suckers cost me money. I give up that money freely because I record people, events and situations that are non-commercial. I believe it is important to have a diversity of videos about things you can't sell with soap.

I am not opposed to soap. I'm not opposed to making money with videos. If that is you thing I support you. There is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Bad search engine and search engine marketing techniques are not the way to do it.

Getting a bunch of people to seed Twitter, Google and other sites with "Hey I know the secret to..." ain't gonna make you money. It will get you a bad name and not near the riches you desire. Unless we are talking about ripping people off with bad info.

Yeah, I know - there are a lot of people who don't have a problem with that.

Back to the e-mail, this is what I read:

A great way to make quick video blog posts - where you literally only have to type a few sentences or speak into a microphone - and voila, you have a video blog!

Nooo! This will let you have a piece of steaming shit that you can post on your web site or blog.

Let me ask you something. You are sitting in a meeting. Someone puts up a PowerPoint presentation with a slide and a voice. I don't know about you but I tend to disassociate internally as the eyes glaze over. I do that because I cannot leave.

Do you think for one moment I'm am going to entertain the thought of listening to bad audio and a screen of text in order to buy a guide to produce bad video?

Why should anyone read a six year old crappy post on how to buy a camcorder or make money online wrapped in tacky ads. Why would people read a hunk of cow poopie on a post that has the same word 25 times over and has no content?

Ooh, don't let me forget the ickyness of telling people all they gotta do is record a bit of audio with a photo and they can sell to the teeming mokes who will watch said video and pony up money for your product.

The product? How to make money with video on the Internet. Are you freaking kidding me here?

For the record, do not e-mail me any get rich quick ideas ever!

There are sites that will give you responsible business video search marketing information.

ReelSEO has consistently written about the use of video, social media and marketing since 2008. They don't say boo about slapping up an audio slide and calling it video!

David Meerman Scott has written about marketing and the right way to do it. He is on the corporate side of the fence but I'm linking to his post on Eight Quick Tips to Create Thoughtful Web Content because none of his methods involves a short cut.

Finally, Jeff Bullas has a no-cost, no spam method that anybody can follow to upload video for selling on YouTube.

There are viable and responsible ways of posting business video to reach people. Spamming isn't one of them.

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