Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Looking for Inspiration for Header Graphics

I've been looking around at different places that can show examples of banners and header to give me ideas my Blip.tv page. I feel intimidated until I remember that there is a difference between okay and a designed header.

I am aiming for acceptable. Decent, clean and meeting the requirements but it doesn't have to be the best dang header graphic ever created. I'm looking for ideas and inspiration.

blog header banners from Smashing Magazine
There is a great web design web site called Smashing Magazine. They have a tremendous amount of tutorials and content. Smashing Magazine also has a tendency to provide free icons, graphics and blog headers and banners.

I can't use them for my needs, but here are some of the ideas that I've gleaned from observation:
  • Perhaps a wallpaper image could be placed on the header or part of the header
  • Use of transparency to overlay images
  • I like the top image of segmenting different images connected by a common theme of the the lightning.
I found another good idea at MakeUseOf using PowerPoint. It is really easy to arraign objects using PowerPoint. You can export the slide out as a jpeg and edit in a simple photo editing program. Purists may curl their lips but for those of us not able to invest 100 hours in Photoshop tutorials this isn't a bad way to go.

Open Clip Art Library
MakeUseOf lead me to the Open Clip Art Library where I can find a bunch of free or public domain clip art that I can recycle. One hitch is that the clip art submitted must be in the SVG format.

This means if I choose to use any clip art that I find I have to make sure that I have a software program that can read SVG. I have Irfanview. That sucker can read and open just about any image format from the past to the present.

Keeping my time constraints in mind, I need to review my photos and videos to see what I can come up with for a header graphic.

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