Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Musing about Android Tablets and Video Editing

I finally made a decision about getting an Amazon Kindle e-Reader because I couldn't see purchasing a cheap Android tablet that had limited or dodgy functions. One of the reasons I was considering a tablet PC was to do just in time video editing.

I could see myself on the bus editing video and then uploading before I got home. This appeals to me. What does not appeal to me is paying almost $700 to $900 for an Apple iPad2.

Ain't gonna happen for me at that price point. You still have purchase the Apps, the cover and other assorted doo-dads. I love the Apps more than I love the iPad2. That isn't a good enough reason to purchase one.

When you start to look at the under $250 Android tables you find out that many of them are running versions designed for mobile phones or it is really hard to get stuff from the actual Android market place.

Not to mention bad battery life, uses a resistive and not capacitive interface and just the fact that most of them are sucky. Sucky is a technical term and those that have paid $139 for a so-called table can tell you how sucky they are.

Jaycut Online Video Editing
I think when Amazon releases their PC tablet (Yeah, I know it is a rumor, it doesn't exists, wink, wink.) there might be an option to really take advantage of cloud application sites like Jaycut.

For those that don't know, Jaycut is an cloud based video editing application. So here is my musing. Let's say you have an Android tablet, you have video on it and you have a good, legal Wi-Fi signal.

What could stop you from using Jaycut to edit videos on the fly on you tablet?

One of the things that I think is going to be a problem is the non-mouse interface. If touch is equal to mouse clicks this could work. If not, and you don't have a spare mouse with you then no, this could be a bust.

Storage. Unless you have memory card storage this also isn't going to happen on an Tablet. A good size video file can run a gigabyte or more. Unless you park the video into something like Dropbox you are going to max out what storage you have kinda quick.

For a bit of music you cold swing over to Aviary Myna Audio Editor. It is the same issue about input via finger versus mouse but if that isn't an issue then you could compose music and incorporate it into the video.

Update 10/11/2012: The company has decided to change business focus to mobile applications. They have closed their photo, music and illustration web sites. You might find an equivalent application by in the iOS or Android stores.

The el-cheapo ones? Unless you do major rehab on the operating system, no I don't think it is possible. Yet.


  1. "Sucky is a tehnical term." I love the way you write. I wouldn't dream of spending over $700 for what I call a couch potato device. Maybe you can edit video on it, but what about writing reports? I can't live without my keyboard.

    What do you think of alternative "videos" like those one can create at The funniest one I've seen is "Boys are like Microwaves" at Some of the students in my Women and Computers class tried their hand at XtraNormal. Not quite as clever as Boys are Like Microwaves, but some of the same snarky tone can be found in "Hooking UP: One Night Stand" at On a more serious note another student produced Women on the Web at

    Thanks for your informative blog.

  2. I do like them, they make it possible for folks to create without stress. You still learn some of the basic concepts and there have been so great one.

    Video, film and animation are seriously dependent on the writing or narrative. That will never change.

    Thanks for reading.


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