Thursday, August 11, 2011

Finding Drek with Google Sparks

I'm trying out Google+ Sparks to see what kind of resources I can find via the search feature. I can tell you a lot of the crud videoblogging advice articles are popping up. The kind that claim you have to hire someone to help you create video. Or, get this, videoblogging is the future.

I am half temped to copy a sentence. Oh what the hell...

Video blogs may be the future generation regarding publishing suggestions and products online. Everybody knows about textblogging. Explain how it works make use of video tutorials for just a superior way of expression

WTF? It makes me bat shiz crazy seeing crap like this clogging the pipes. From the looks of it folks take a sentence and re-invent it in their own special way. No fooling, there are six variations of the above poop in my Sparks stream.

Don't feed or click the SEO, SEM and article directory crapola trolls.

This is not the fault of Google Sparks, I need to make that clear. It is just that when people and crumb bums latch on to a term to attract traffic this is what you tend to see, private label and insipid articles from people that don't know jack about the topic. They keyword it up and 500 words later you have nothing but something to wrap a bunch of ads around.

On the positive side, if you see the same poorly written articles again and again from different web sites in a search stream that is your clue that somebody or a group of bodies are trying to piss up you leg to get to your wallet.

Ah yes. Critical thinking. It is a beautiful thing.

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