Friday, August 12, 2011

Testing iZotope Music and Speech Cleaner

Lawdy, I got videos back up to Brooklyn because of air conditioner noise. I have been testing out various audio cleaning software. I just need to pluck out that wicked background noise and boost up those folks that mumble.

Bias Soundsoap 2 did the job on the air conditioner noise. No question, on a tough video it yanked the sucker out. I still had to wrangle with the software a bit. I did view the tutorial videos but there was still fiddling involved to get it right. Not sure if it is in the budget to pony up $99.

This time out I am giving iZotope Music and Speech Cleaner a try.

iZotope Music and Speech Cleaner
I gotta say I like the interface better. Pop in the .wav audio file, select what you want to do and adjust a slider. For enhancing the voice without distortion it was spot on; it definitely brought the voice to the front.

Reducing the air conditioner noise?

No. Not a lick.

To be fair, the product absolutely states it is a music and speech cleaner. The noise and hum they refer to are electric hums, or lower level electrical noises we humans tune out but a recording device wouldn't be able to.

This is the demonstration video from iZotope:

At $39 the price is right but at this point I'm only getting value from one module. Then again, I have a lot of record albums that need converting to mp3 audio. It wouldn't really be a waste of cash.

On the other foot, I do have videos I can't upload because the speaker voice is really low. I could go back and salvage those videos.

If I could turn off the frugal part of my nature maybe I should get both programs? Each one solves a problem that I have on an occasional basis.

Well, I have to dive in to the mystic one more time to see if there is a consumer level product that can do what I want for under $100.

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