Monday, September 26, 2011

More Info on Video Blogging Basics

A few days ago I had some questions and concerns about a Google+ Spark that appeared.. It was about the web site Video Blogging Basics. I asked more questions, did some searching and this is what I found.

It seems to be okay. The first thing I did was find out more about Chris Garrett and Ben Eadie.

Chris Garrett is a marketing consultant and teacher who writes about blogging and new media. His focus is on supporting individuals and small businesses learn how to use new media. He co-wrote a book that I own, ProBlogger with Darren Rowse, who I am aware of via Darren's Digital Photography School blog.

So I feel comfortable with what this guy has to say about blogging and giving responsible advice on how to build your business using blogging and the Internet as tools to achieve goals.

Ben Eadie is a little harder for me to get a grip on; I think I have the right person based on his photo in Google+ and his web site. He is a mechanical designer and builds human powered vehicles. He has done screenscasts on modeling software and computer aided design issues.

I do appreciate that Ben did respond to my questions via Google+ and that he was honest. They are presenting free information and they hope to obtain some consulting gigs and clients.

Lord knows, I have downloaded many a free guide. I only do it when I can check out the site, it meets my needs and I am clear on what is expected of me. It can be an effective form of building a client or member base. It is a mutual building of trust that happens over time

Ben also explained that that they were trying to keep out the trolls so that is why they had a sign up page first. I don't have a problem with that if I know it up front.

Now I can make a decision if I want to go forward or not.

I do think the web site could be better designed to convey that information and not to look like some of the base level, no good, devoid of ethics, bottom feeders known as Internet Marketers whose business is only to make money by any means necessary.

Yes, there is a difference between using the Internet and social media to market goods and services and Internet Marketers.

That is why I was initially confused and cautious. I have to be  honest and say that I am hyper sensitive to flim flam. I've been a victim of it so I am leery about being suckered or have anybody else fall into grifter-land.

Stumbling Into Communities

It happens that a person from one community on the Internet stumbles into a whole separate neighborhood. Chris is well known in the Internet marketing side of the fence. He has a community of people who like what he does and want to invest in his products and services.

I'm from the other side of the videoblogging community. Chris and Ben might have been speaking to their communities and I just happened to lay eyes on the post.

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