Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Possible Tablet PC Video Process

In a prior post I wrote about a very basic process that people use to upload direct from mobile device videos. So what would that mean for Tablet PC users? The current crop of Tablet PCs are working hard at being cookie cutter limited devices. The manufacturers are stuck on "sell like an iPad but don't innovate like and iPad." mentality.

Many of the inexpensive Tablet PC or PMP (Personal Media Players with Internet) are shoddy at best and only seem to be good for operating system rooting (ditching the operating system to one that works better) to make them functional.

The expensive ones are so busy trying to clone/not clone the iPad that they are not offering much in functionality but they do have a bit of power under the glass.

I can see what could happen. Here is an idea of a possible process workflow:

What You Need

The requirements are the same as the mobile device recording options: 
  • A Table PC that has a recording camera 
  • Storage space for the video on the device or able to use an external memory card, 4GB+ and up.
  • An unlimited cellular data plan or stable wireless connection 
  • An account with a video web host. 

What You Can Do
  • Direct upload and cloud edit to companies like Jaycut or similar companies
  • Direct upload to regular YouTube for their enhanced editing options
  • Use an Android application to edit directly on the device, I did a survey round-up a few weeks back.

What Is the Cost? 

After you take the hit on buying a Tablet PC/PMP maybe not as much if you can afford the unlimited data plan. And that might be your biggest problem. Trying to obtain consistent bandwidth that will make virtual video editing possible.

There are some mobile phone companies and certain telephone/cable carries that are looking for ways to throttle or keep usage in check. Which is crazy making if manufactures, software developers and users want to work in a virtual work space.

It is a matter of infrastructure. In the U.S. we don't have complete mobile or Internet access across the country. Leaving it up to the private sector has left access gaps in coverage. You can have a great device and no way to access the Internet via a mobile or wireless connection. In 2011.

I'm sure the New York and San Francisco customers of AT&T also would like to chime in on spotty coverage. My point is that you'd have to check out your access options before you start flicking up videos.

Another part of the equation is that you are going to need a Tablet PC with a decent CPU/RAM combination. Right now that combination only exist on one manufacture's device - the Apple iPad.

It does what I want it to do and there is software to back it up. There are videos and movies being created on iPads.

The cost is the killer. I can't do it. I won't do it.

Is it Worth It? 

Gosh, I wish I could say yes. I can't.

I have been snooping around for a mid-range Android tablet to test it out. I can buy a crappy Tablet PC or hold out and see what Amazon is going to do with their entry into the game. I'm also curious on how they are going to implement a data plan for the Kindle Tablet.

I also want to see what the new Windows Tablet can do.

Until there is a manufacturer willing to innovate in this space I'm going to be on the outside looking in.

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