Thursday, October 27, 2011

Copyright Basics Video from

Rights, I got you rights right here. They can be strong and rigid or as flexible as a bankroll at a casino.
Copyright hasn't really caught up with contemporary needs and consumer need to create work based on what has come before. I respect rights and try not to use unauthorized content. I do.

Yet, that which now passes for copyright law in 2011 is a serious change from the intent of the initial creators of copyright. We can moan in our soda about the changes but that doesn't excuse you from being aware of 21st century copyright responsibilities.

Over at, there is a free video for the watching about basic ideas about Copyright issues. If you create video or multimedia projects that you will display publicly you do need to be aware of this stuff.

You can also find it on YouTube; in keeping with the content of specific this video I guess I shouldn't embed it.

Aw, what the hell.

Note: is the Copyright Clearance Center. This is a private business that helps businesses and academic institutions with their copyright issues. It also has search feature to help consumers and creative folk to find the actual copyright holder of the material.

Which is why the focus of the video was from a business and legal point of view. Nothing right with that. Good to be aware of various positions in a discussion.

This is not the same as the U.S. Copyright Office which is located at, there you get the official governmental version of copyright basics and related issues.

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