Friday, October 14, 2011

Recovering Deleted Videos Using VirtualLab

VirtualLab Data Recovery is a paid service, it can do the same things but might have more power under the hood. There is a version of VirtualLab for Mac and for PC Users

You can download Virtual Lab and test it out to see if it can recover your files, that is free. If it can view the deleted files and you want to go forward then that is where the payments kick in.

It depends on the file size. It is easy to shoot a gigabyte of video. You might have to purchase the version that matched the amount of data needed to restore your files. That can be a bargain if you have a one of a kind video.

Here is the thing, you download the software but you will need to buy a subscription to use the recovery program. If you do not use all of the subscription you can't get your money back or have it prorated.

The last time I used the software I had left over data that I haven't used. It has been sitting for about a year now. I can access it if I want but it is what it is. As always, read those FAQs before buying.

If you need to recover files and don't have the money try using Recuva that can restore erased or deleted photos and videos. It is made by the good folks that make CCleaner and it is a free program.

The wizard can walk a novice user though the process but there are some things to know and understand.

What You Need to Know:
  • How to locate and open files from media devices and hard drives, C: is the hard drive and D: and and other letter is probably some kind of storage device.
  • How to store your recovered files in a new safe location.. This might mean creating a file folder or accessing an external drive. 
So if you have accidentally deleted a video and you need to get it back or you have erased the wedding kiss you might want to check out this option.

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