Thursday, October 6, 2011

Way Back In the Day at the Apple Store

I certainly want to offer my respect and appreciation of Steve Jobs and Apple. There was a time around 2004- 2007 when members of the Yahoo Videoblogging Group did tutorial demonstrations about how to videoblog at Apple Stores. I've been looking to see if I have video of that time. I think I do but I can't find it at the moment. It was kinda cool that they allowed us to come in and give our talks. This happened in New York, Los Angeles and other cities. There was usually a good crowd of folks asking questions. I suspect someone from corporate sitting taking notes. I remember lusting after the video iPod each and every time. I couldn't buy one but that didn't stop me from wanting it something fierce. It seems like a very long time ago. Anyway, just wanted to add that memory of something cool that happened at the Apple store.

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  1. Great story and I'd love to see the video if you find it.


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