Saturday, November 26, 2011

Searching for the Helga Type Camcorder Part 2

I have been scoping out the retail scene for Helga type camcorders. I researched a few days before Black Friday and again today. Dismal. Just dismal.  There was so much to choose from I had to set up new criteria for the ultra cheap camcorders.

First, the camcorder must function. This eliminates the entire line of the Coby line of camcorders. I bought one and the LCD is a Zombie. It dies and then tries to come back to life. This is not acceptable. I have numerous user comments and ratings to back me up on this.

No, no and your money would be better spent buying a used lotto ticket.

Vivitar DVR 510N Night Vision Camcorder

I got this one too. This one has Helga possibilities in that if you have enough street lighting it will switch to a black/white pseudo infrared experience.  You will have no choice or say if you want it to do that but that is part of the serendipity of buying this camcorder.

This is JC 71449's video and he is showing you the straight scoop on this camcorder.

The part where he mentions that the motorcycle cover is actually black but records as pink/purple. That is what I'm talking about, it has its own opinion as to seeing colors accurately.

This is well within the Helga specification set.

Speaking of the specs:
  • LCD 1.8-inch 
  • 640 x 480 pixels (30 fps) / 320 x 240 pixels (30 fps) 
  • Digital video resolution 640 x 480 pixels or 320 x 240 pixels 
  • Secure Digital card slot 
  • AVI and JPEG file format 
  • Infrared night vision feature 
  • TV out port 
  • USB connector 
If you can get it under $40 I'd say have fun. I wouldn't pay more than that because it is a little finicky. It might work just fine. Or it might decide that color you see is subjective and unnecessary at a certain point in time.

If you are going to use the night light feature bring extra batteries. You'll need them. And don't leave them in the camcorder when you are not using them; the 510N will suck them dry.

So as a Helga type camcorder I have to say at the head of the class, almost Teacher's Pet.

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