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Audio Sound Effects for Video - Free Sound Effects

There are times when you do need a knock at the door. A certain kind of knock. Like a fist on a wood door which is different from slapping your hand on a metal door. It matters and you can spend more time searching for the right sound than you ever thought you would.

You can make you own sound effects, if you have the time.  There are places to obtain sound effects. Some of them are free for use in any project if you meet certain conditions and understand about licensing.

Sound effects can be recorded in mp3, wav and other audio formats; these two are the most common but not the only file formats.

Mp3 audio will give you a smaller file size to download and almost all of the video editing programs accept this format. Wav audio will give you better quality but the file size will be larger.

Remember, Safety First

Before you get to downloading you do want to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable web site, that you anti-virus, malware and cootie detection software is at full power.  There are a lot of crummy web sites that are not safe to visit that offer free software.

You also want to print out the page of the place where you got the sound effects. The way things are going with the abundance of lawyers and congressional activities you might have to prove where you obtained the resources you used in your video.

A project binder or file folder is a mighty handy thing to have and to hold. 

Understand and Read The Fine Print

Before you download make sure you understand the web sites terms of use of the audio file. Just because you see the word free does not mean it is free for you to use any way you want to.

For example, you can’t go to any audio site, snag the content and try to sell it as your own.  That is stinky. It should be understood that you don’t do that.  Yet there are people who don’t gronk this concept.

Sad, really.

Free to Use in Personal and Commercial Video Productions

There are kind souls that will let you use the sound effects found on their web site for no charge. One of those places is You can use their audio with or without attribution but the folks wouldn’t mind a shout out on where you got the stuff. A donation wouldn’t hurt either but that is up to you.

Media College has a small but tasty group of sound effects. They have recordings that are in the public domain, recorded by staff members that are available for personal and commercial use. Double check the license and permission page to understand the usage rights.

Another place to find sound effects is good old

For some reason in Chrome and Firefox browsers you will have to move to the middle of the page to see the recordings.  It an old web site, it hasn’t been shown any love in years. Yet there is much goodness in that musty old house.

At FlashKit there are Freeware, Shareware and for purchase sound effects. You can test out a sound effect before you select it.  If you like the effect then and, you have made sure that it is freeware, then proceed to the download link and save it on your system.

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